Java bindings working

Thanks to Dan Templeton’s Java bindings in the Sun Grid Engine, and his porting instructions on his blog, I have XgridDRMAA basically working in Java. I’ll still have to look through for some minor implementation differences (such as supported attributes), but basic things, including the code included with SGE, are working.

Besides fixing bugs I found along the way, I had to do a couple additional things to make things work right:

  • Change the class names This meant changing the package name in the source files, but also meant fixing a couple lines in the actual code where classes are looked up by name.
  • Find DRMAA Java implementation The org.ggf.drmaa SessionFactory class uses a couple methods to try to find a DRMAA implementation: first, it tries System.getProperty to see if a class name has been set; if not, it looks for a setting in the classpath’s META-INF/services/org.ggf.drmaa.SessionFactory file. If there, it uses that. I just added this file to the XgridDRMAA jar file.
  • Find DRMAA library (JNI) The DRMAA Java implementation basically just maps onto the JNI, which is compiled into the XgridDRMAA framework. On Mac OS X, JNI libraries are just Mach-O dylibs containing the right C code. Mac OS X frameworks are also simply Mach-O dylibs wrapped in a nice directory structure. So it’s just a matter of having the magic line of code (System.loadLibrary("drmaa")) find the right library. As it turns out, you have to symlink the XgridDRMAA executable to a file called libdrmaa.jnilib, add the enclosing directory to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, and everything works.
  • Fix exit-status analysis Apparently Darwin does exit-status values differently than whatever the SGE DRMAA code was written for—at first, the example code kept telling me that jobs were finishing “with unclear conditions.” I fixed to use the same semantics as Darwin’s wait.h file.

For the XgridDRMAA installer, I’ll just have it put symlinks in /Library/Java/Extensions to both XgridDRMAA.jar (so it’s in the classpath) and XgridDRMAA (as libdrmaa.jnilib, so it’s in the library path). That way, the user of Java DRMAA apps won’t have to do any additional work (besides setting things up in the prefpane) to use Xgrid.

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