XgridLite 1.0.2 Source Posted

Spurred by an increasing devotion to free information and free culture and because I don’t want to write an automatic license-generation engine, I’m releasing XgridLite under the GNU GPL. Code available via WebSVN or just via:

svn co http://code.edbaskerville.com/svn/xgridlite

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4 Responses to XgridLite 1.0.2 Source Posted

  1. David Dicker says:

    How would one remove your xgridlite from one’s computer?

    Thank you

  2. OddyOh says:

    Yes, I’m interested in a way to uninstall/remove XgridLite from my Mac, is there a way to do this?

  3. Jonny says:

    Yes, I also wanna get rid of that crap. Is there any clean solution?

  4. Ed says:

    To remove XgridLite, just drag /Library/PreferencePanes/XgridLite.prefPane to the trash. Done.

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