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XgridDRMAA 0.1.1, With Examples

I silently released XgridDRMAA 0.1 the other day; today I’m releasing XgridDRMAA 0.1.1 and announcing it to the appropriate mailing lists. You can download it here: I have now included simple example code in all three supported languages (C, … Continue reading

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Summer of Code wrap-up

My mixed-up brain thought the end of Summer of Code was August 26; it’s actually right now, so it’s time to wrap things up for this program. The code will be architecturally complete in the next couple of days. The … Continue reading

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XgridDRMAA 0.1

I’m pleased to announce the first development release of XgridDRMAA. This version should be useful enough to do basic job submission and monitoring tasks, but will probably have some problems to work out. Due partially to limitations in Xgrid and … Continue reading

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Java bindings working

Thanks to Dan Templeton’s Java bindings in the Sun Grid Engine, and his porting instructions on his blog, I have XgridDRMAA basically working in Java. I’ll still have to look through for some minor implementation differences (such as supported attributes), … Continue reading

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C bindings complete

The Objective-C DRMAA implementation has now been wrapped in C as per the 1.0 DRMAA C binding spec. Far more code than expected, but all very straightforward code. All that’s left is some real testing of the C layer, filling … Continue reading

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Almost there…

I’m very close to a full DRMAA implementation for Xgrid (still just in Objective-C), or as full an implementation as is currently possible with Xgrid. The only major missing feature right now is bulk jobs. The biggest hurdle has been … Continue reading

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Wait/synchronize redone

The 1.0 DRMAA spec wasn’t completely clear on multithreaded behavior, so I went to the drmaa-wg mailing list to ask a couple questions: What happens if two threads try to wait simultaneously for the same job to complete? Do they … Continue reading

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PrefPane complete

I just put together that preference pane for controlling XgridDRMAA grid selection. It’s pretty straightforward: it lets you browse for a grid advertised via Zeroconf/Bonjour, or specify a hostname/IP address, or just choose to use the standard Xgrid environment variables, … Continue reading

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Job waiting

Now in place: waiting for jobs to complete. How it works: after a job starts, it’s added to a list of jobs being monitored, and is observed via Cocoa Key-Value Observing for its state key path. An NSConditionLock object is … Continue reading

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Job status & control

Today: I implemented the job status and control functions in DRMAA. Pretty straightforward: for status, I map the Xgrid status to a corresponding DRMAA value (this mapping having been run by the xgrid-users list). For control, I just grab the … Continue reading

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