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XgridLite: Dual Tiger/Leopard Functionality?

After confirmation that things seem to work for others on Leopard, I went through and tried to make sure it would work on Tiger again too. I don’t have time to set up a Tiger test box right now, so … Continue reading

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XgridLite on Leopard, Test Version

After debugging some weirdness, I have a version of XgridLite that works on Leopard, I think. Brave testers, download this file: Then decompress and drag the prefPane into your /Library/PreferencePanes or ~/Library/PreferencePanes Let me know how it goes! FYI, … Continue reading

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XgridLite on Leopard, continued…

As it turns out, the privilege failure mentioned in the last post was not being reported by the calls to xgridctl to start and stop the controller, but rather the ones that were trying to simply get what the current … Continue reading

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XgridLite on Leopard: almost there, hopefully

To those who have been requesting that XgridLite start working on Leopard: first of all, sorry it’s taken so long for me to think about it. I didn’t even upgrade myself to Leopard until the middle of this year, and … Continue reading

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XgridLite 1.0.2 Source Posted

Spurred by an increasing devotion to free information and free culture and because I don’t want to write an automatic license-generation engine, I’m releasing XgridLite under the GNU GPL. Code available via WebSVN or just via: svn co

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